J-Lynn Van Pelt

J-Lynn Van Pelt is a proud single mom to three neurodiverse children who were adopted from foster care.  She currently serves as a foster family with the City of Alexandria and has been a past fictive kin placement for students and their siblings.

For 25 years J-Lynn has worked in education as a teacher, reading specialist, principal, Director of Special Education, district administrator, and charter school founder.  For the last five years she has worked in private schools specializing in building programs for students with disabilities and students who are twice-exceptional (2e). She currently is the Director of Learning Services at Georgetown Day School in Washington DC. She also worked on the 988 lifeline for crisis management and suicide prevention.  J-Lynn has deep experience with crisis prevention for individuals with FASD, autism, and mental health challenges. As an advocate for education equity and inclusion, J-Lynn presentd professional nationally on topics of literacy, differentiation, neurodevelopmental disabilities, and 2e students. J-Lynn has served on the the Children, Youth and Families Collaborative Commission (CYFCC) and Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC) in the City of Alexandria, as well as the Governing Board for the Greater Washington Chapter of the Virginia State Literacy Association.