Kinship Families

Kinship Care Options brochure from Virginia Department of Social Services

Kinship care is a way for children to stay connected to family when they have been voluntarily or involuntarily removed from the care of their parents. Removal may become necessary due to a parent’s illness, incarceration, lack of housing, insufficient income, abuse or neglect. Regardless of the reason for kinship care,most children fare better when connections to family and loved ones are maintained.

  • Guide, Kinship Care Options brochure from Virginia Department of Social Services

National Kinship Alliance for Children

The National Kinship Alliance for Children is a nationwide network of kinship caregivers, community members, and professionals working together to provide education and support, advocacy, and thought leadership for kinship families.

Our mission is to improve the well-being of children in kinship care by supporting kinship families and to strengthen recognition of the importance of kinship families for millions of vulnerable children.
  • Website, National Kinship Alliance for Children

Generations Together

Generations together’s mission is to create vibrant, multi-generational communities where children who have experienced foster care find permanent, loving families; those families receive integral support; and seniors find meaningful purpose as valued members of the community.

Their goals are..

  • Increase the number of families who can consider providing a permanent home for a foster child and/or sibling group by providing affordable housing;
  • Increase the relational support these families need to thrive by providing onsite services and by equipping and enhancing the community to care for itself.
  • Website, Generations Together, a collaboration of Generations United, the American Bar Association Center for Children and the Law, and Casey Family Programs.

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    Generations United