WEBINAR- Improved Outcomes through Screening and Diagnosis of ND-PAE in Patients with FASD

Dr. Susan Rich presented a webinar as part of our FASD series. Find her slides and additional handouts here, as well as a recording of theĀ  webinar. Please note that video images start about 6 minutes into the recording and due to errors in the file, the audio of Dr. Rich discontinues @ minute 30. We have worked with GoToWebinar extensively to repair the audio file and unfortunately there was a permanent loss of audio. We are assured this issue will not reoccur in future webinars. Our apologies.

  • PDF

    Slides from Dr. Rich's webinar

  • PDF

    ND PAE Diagnostic Tool from Dr. Rich Jan 2019 webinar

  • PDF

    ND PAE diagnostic tool Explanation Dr. Rich Jan 2019 webinar

  • Webinar

    Recording of Dr. Rich's 1/28/19 webinar (video begins @ minute 6)