New Kinship and Foster Care Education Policies (HB 777 in 2024)

July 06, 2024

This document from Virginia Department of Education provides a summary of resources and policy changes following the passage of House Bill 777 into law in 2024, Enrollment of and Provision of Free Public Education for Certain Students; Kinship Care and Foster Care.

The law provides that certain provisions of law relating to continuity of public-school enrollment and attendance, and immediate enrollment for students in foster care, apply to a student who has transitioned out of foster care and whose custody has been transferred to the student’s parent or prior legal guardian, or who has been emancipated.

If a student in a kinship care arrangement moves into a different school division during the school year as a result of safely returning home, being emancipated, or transitioning to a new kinship care arrangement, such student shall be deemed a resident in the previous school division of residence for the remainder of the school year for the purpose of tuition-free enrollment and attendance.

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