VCU-RRTC on Employment of Transition-Age Youth with Disabilities

The Virginia Commonwealth University Rehabilitation Research and Training Center (RRTC) on Employment of Transition-Age Youth with Disabilities conducts  six studies to generate evidence-based interventions to assist youth to enter competitive integrated employment: 1) a systematic review of the literature to assess and organize the relevant research to inform their work 2) a pilot study of an intervention on effective knowledge translation methods for counselors working with students with significant disabilities ages 14-16 3) a randomized control trial to study the effects of paid internships for at-risk youth with disabilities prior to graduation 4) a randomized control trial to examine the effects of technology for college students with traumatic brain injury and develop an intervention 5) a randomized control trial on the effects of paid work in high school for youth with severe disabilities and 6) an intervention on the effects of an online course and subsequent technical assistance for postsecondary staff providing employment supports for college students with Intellectual and/or Developmental Disabilities. 

The website offers resources including trainings on issues related to transition-age youth.

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