Addressing Challenges Faced by Students with a FASD Diagnosis webinar

January 17, 2023

Originally broadcast live on January 17, 2023, this Formed Families Forward-hosted webinar featured panelists:

Nate Sheets, Behavior Consultant and Parent Coach at Oregon Behavior Consultation,

Carson Kautz-Turnbull, 5th year graduate student at the University of Rochester, working with Dr. Christie Petrenko. Ms. Kautz-Turnbull shared this resource for families and educators: Families Moving Forward Connect project and related app:

Kelly Henderson, PhD, Executive Director, Formed Families Forward

Additional scholarly resources suggested by Ms. Kautz-Turnbull are also provided here.

  • Video

    Recording of Panel webinar

  • PDF

    Self care in Caregivers of Children with FASD

  • PDF

    A Mobile Health Intervention for FASD Families Moving Forward Connect

  • PDF

    Initial Feasbility of the Families Moving Forward Connect App

  • PDF

    A­ meta analytic­ review­ of ­adaptive ­functioning ­in ­fetal­ alcohol­ spectrum­ disorders,­ and ­the ­effect of­ IQ, ­executive­ functioning, and ­age

  • PDF

    Strengths and Positive Influences of Children with FASD